Wildings is a band based in Glasgow, hailing from the far-flung corners of Orkney, Skye and Northumberland. Jennifer Austin (piano), Fiona MacAskill (fiddle) and Sarah Hayes (flute, singing) blend diverse repertoires and striking new compositions with sparky, intuitive playing. Their eponymous debut album – an honest, finely wrought and committed recording from three mighty performer/composers – combines their considerable talents in colourful signature style.  Multi-layered strings and flutes, fresh reworkings of traditional song, a sprinkling of gothic piano, contemplative, filmic soundscapes, the humour and verve of a dance band; Wildings’ ambitious, heartfelt arrangements draw the ear to a new detail with each listen, and create “a contagious atmosphere of high energy, fun and spellbinding intensity” (Hamish Napier).